The Netherlands

  • Mining Act 2003

    All rules relating to the detection, extraction and storage of minerals in the Netherlands are laid down in the Mining Act. The Mining Act provides a clear and framework for responsible and efficient mining in the Netherlands, both for land and sea mining. The Mining Act regulates mining-specific issues, while other areas such as environmental impact are left as much as possible to other existing legislation. TAQA is operating in accordance with all the relevant legislation.

  • Code of conduct - gas production small fields

    The Dutch gas sector signed a “Code of Conduct – gas production small fields” in 2017. The code of conduct was written in close consultation with those involved in projects and benefits from the environment with oil and gas projects in small fields. With this code of conduct, the sector fulfils the wish to be a committed, reliable and approachable player in the environment. They want to achieve this by giving shape to the projects in consultation with the direct stakeholders, amongst other things. The sector wants to work on improving the support and acceptance for oil and gas projects in the area, assuming the Netherlands will still need natural gas during the energy transition. TAQA is co-author and signatory to the code of conduct.

  • General HSSE Terms and Conditions for suppliers of TAQA in the Netherlands
  • General Terms and Conditions for suppliers of TAQA in the Netherlands
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