In Europe, there are ambitious plans to switch to more sustainable energy sources such as solar and wind energy. These are not always available. Gas is a good source of energy to provide back-up energy. To secure supply of energy, gas must be available as a reserve source until it is needed. Underground storage is very suitable for this purpose. The importance of this buffer role will increase further in the future as the share of renewable energy sources will grow as well as the need for flexibility.

In addition to this, there is also a need for security of supply of natural gas at a time when domestic production in the Netherlands will decline and more gas will be imported to meet demand. Gas stores are then required to store the imported gas. This is reflected in the growing demand for storage capacity at TAQA’s Gas Storage Bergermeer.

Gas Storage Bergermeer

Gas Storage Bergermeer (GSB) is Europe’s largest open-access gas storage and is one of two gas storage facilities operated by TAQA in the Netherlands. The facility provides 46 TWh of seasonal storage capacity. Full commercial storage operations started in 2015.

GSB is also Northwest Europe’s main swing provider at the core of the Northwest European gas hub.

GSB Facts
Seasonal gas storage capacity 46 TWh
Cushion gas volume 48.5 TWh
Maximum injection capacity 19.5 GWh/hr
Maximum withdrawal capacity 26.4 GWh/hr
Injection period 112 days
Withdrawal period 97 days

Peak Gas Installation

Peak Gas Installation (PGI) is an underground natural gas reservoir used to store and deliver natural gas to meet peak demand from the Dutch national grid (GTS).

PGI uses the Alkmaar gas reservoir located near the city of Alkmaar and is situated approximately 2,200 meters underground.

TAQA holds a 36% stake in PGI with the Dutch state-owned energy company, EBN (40%), Dana Petroleum Netherlands BV (12%) and RockRose Energy (12%).

Peak Gas Installation (PGI) Facts
Contractual peak capacity 36 million cubic meters per day
Working gas inventory 500 million cubic meters
Total gas (when full) 35.2 TWh (3.6 BCM)
Working gas volume 4.9 TWh (0.5 BCM)
Cushion gas volume 30.3 TWh (3.1 BCM)
Maximum injection capacity 1.5 GWh/hr (150,000 Nm3/hr)
Minimum withdrawal capacity (set by technical restraints) 100,000 Nm3/hr (976,900 kWh/hr at 35.17 MJ/Nm3)
Maximum withdrawal capacity 14.7 GWh/hr (1,500,000 Nm3/hr)
Injection period April 1 - November 1
Withdrawal period November 1 - April 1

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