Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)

TAQA in the Netherlands is exploring storing carbon dioxide in empty gas reservoirs deep under the Dutch North Sea as part of the Porthos project. Most of the carbon dioxide will be transported via a new offshore pipeline to an existing gas production platform located 20 km from the coast to then be injected into empty natural gas sandstone reservoirs more than 3 km below the seabed.


TAQA in the Netherland is involved in Investa, an expertise center wherein entrepreneurs, researchers and government authorities work together on sustainable and innovative green gas initiatives in this North-Holland business cluster. The focus is on technological developments in the field of biomass gasification and broad application of the gases produced. TAQA has provided in-kind contribution.
InVesta promotes, facilitates and connects parties to develop and market innovations in the biomass gasification chain. They focus on the whole biomass chain through to the end product. InVesta is of interest to parties wishing to test techniques in the chain. InVesta makes facilities available where pilots and demos can be tested and presented.

Energy Innovation Park

Together with the city of Alkmaar, Development Company North-Holland North and the province of North-Holland, TAQA is developing Energy Innovation Park, an incubator for innovative developments in the area of energy technology in North-Holland. This new industrial park, which includes TAQA’s Gas Storage Bergermeer, contributes to the development of new energy initiatives and promotes the Alkmaar region as an important national energy cluster.
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