Oil & Gas

TAQA’s oil & gas operations in Europe are focussed on safely and efficiently maximising economic recovery and life extension; driving operational excellence; effectively managing integrity, while at the same time taking ownership of and planning for decommissioning.

Gas Storage

TAQA owns and operates two gas storage facilities in the Netherlands, including Europe’s largest gas storage facility, Gas Storage Bergermeer.

Energy innovations

With the global move to a more sustainable energy system, TAQA Europe is following energy innovations with great interest. We are exploring new opportunities by participating in innovative projects of third parties, for example through Investa in the Netherlands.


When oil and gas fields end production, their facilities need to be decommissioned in accordance with all relevant legislation. TAQA is committed to early, clear and open communication with stakeholders throughout the decommissioning process to ensure this work is carried out as safely, efficiently and openly as possible.

Health, Safety and Environment

At TAQA Europe, we believe the health, safety and security of our employees, contractors and the public is our highest priority.

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